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Civdivcic is a Community Interest Company that specialises in supporting veterans and their families, regardless of where they are from. We believe that all veterans, no matter their background, deserve our support and assistance. 

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The UK veteran community is one of the most diverse in the world. But sadly, research has shown that many of these veterans are not accessing the support they need from military charities. This is because they feel these organisations do not understand their specific needs.

Civdivcic is different. We are here to provide tailored support to each veteran, no matter their background. We will signpost them to the relevant support agencies, so they can get the help they need.

Our contact details and weekly in office timings can be found on this site, on the contact page.


Transitioning out of the military is a significant life change, filled with both challenges and opportunities. We are looking for people who have navigated this journey to share their real life stories and provide insight to those yet to make the journey. Which we will all make one day on our group page. 

To get your Veterans ID Card  the application process is at need help with the online process.

go to  projects page :

Call: 0203 8355631

Contact email:

Registered Office:

4th Floor Silverstream House

45 Fitzroy St



Remember CIVDIVCIC is here to help you help yourself.

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